When Best Friends Get Married…


The Bride: Jessica Bauermeister – number two of seven siblings (all beginning with J!)
The Groom: Douglas Faulkner – best friend to said Bride
The Venue: The stunningly beautiful Wasing Park
The Florist: Lindsey Kitchin of The White Horse Flower Company
The Vicar: Rev Becky Bevan (well known for causing much giggling amongst her congregations with her unique sense of honesty and wit)
The Photographer: lucky me!
Some might say Jess and Doug had the ‘A Team’…we might say that we did too!

This day was a day of proper ‘hurty cheeks’ from smiling so much!
This was a day of real, genuine celebration of the love between two soul mates.
This was a day that I felt so honoured to be a part of…

This was the day that Jess married her best friend, Doug.


This was a wedding full of special touches. A wedding that illustrates that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it beautiful. As a pair of young sheep farmers, Jess and Doug’s inspiration came right out of the countryside they love so much. Jess’ bouquet was simple, yet stunning and had a ‘just gathered from a summer field’ feel to it – appropriately tied with wool instead of ribbon.


This day was just so full of fun! Yes, there were plenty of emotional moments but most of all laughter.


Even Rev Becky was in with the sheep theme with her special stole!


Jess was quite possibly one of the happiest brides I have ever had the pleasure of photographing and just about managed to stop skipping long enough to eat something!


And then there were a few quiet moments, long enough to say, ‘We’ve just got married!’…


And after all of the celebrating, delicious food, laughter and dancing were done…the cows were there to say goodbye. A perfect end to a country wedding!


All that’s left for me to say is a HUGE ‘thank you’ to Mr and Mrs Faulkner for the privilege of telling your story with my photographs. What a very special story it is!

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When Your Daughter Steals the Limelight…

With wedding season in full swing and British weather being as unpredictable as it is I am being kept on my toes! But rain or shine I reckon I might just have the best job in the world! My first wedding of the season was a particularly special one. When an email came from my friend (and fellow wedding industry colleague) Jack saying, ‘My sister is getting married…are you available?’ there was no hesitation! It is always a huge honour to be asked based on being known rather than just being stumbled across. And having the chance to work with the other half of what we call ‘The A Team’ was just too much of a temptation…


So, two cameras in hand and forecast looking iffy, off I set to record this special day for Anna and Paul. Oh and Bella! Shower dodging was high on my agenda along with trying not to feel frustrated by the rules I had very strongly been given by the vicar. Being a churchy girl myself I do understand there are rules and (in most cases) I respectfully stick to them…well mostly. I have a silent shutter and silent shoes. These should make me exempt from such rules surely. I did try my very best but what is a photographer supposed to do when a very gorgeous small person is stealing the show? I couldn’t just sit and smile…


I’m sure that He upstairs will forgive me as I know how much it meant to Mum and Dad to have those moments caught on camera. They missed it all – too busy with vows…

So onto Little Hidden Farm in Hungerford for what proved to be a celebration to end all celebrations. We had all the usual things but with a different feel to it all. And I was in the best place, capturing all the details and loving every minute! A huge thank you to Anna, Paul and especially my new friend Bella for asking me to do this – what a way to start my year!


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Back on Form

Today’s adventure took me back to Park House Stables in Kingsclere. This time to photograph the man who keeps these beautiful creatures in tip-top condition.

I watched, as Stephen of ‘Back on Form Ltd’ worked with great skill (and humour…well he is Irish) on a group of horses, preparing them for up-coming events. I have, in my time, visited an osteopath but working with such huge, strong animals is a whole different ball game.

I take my hat off to you Mr Byrne… you may want to keep yours on 😉


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It is so special when a couple, who’s wedding I have photographed, ask me to come back and photograph their first child. So when Kathrin phoned and said, ‘I haven’t had the baby yet but I’m due on this date please keep it free!’ I pencilled in a few days, packed my camera bag and was ready to whizz up to London to capture this newborn as newly as possible!

Charlie was born on the 14th April and is just perfect! I was in my element recording his perfect little hands with tiny scruffy finger nails, his tiny feet (still with the marks from his heel prick text) and his lovely little face. He wasn’t that amused about some of the creative ideas we had but he will forgive us in time 😉 It’s all in the name of art, Charlie!


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Park House Stables

Today I was invited to spend the morning at Park House Stables, camera in hand, excited and ready to capture these beautiful creatures in action. I had done this once before and that time had no idea what I was looking for as far as a ‘technically’ good shot of a racehorse at speed. This time I had only a little bit more of a clue as to which position their legs should be in when I pressed the button. It only took two horses to thunder past me, earth flying, to realise that it didn’t matter in the slightest what I knew or didn’t know…for me this would be simply down to luck!
So from the warm-up (there is a more correct name for this), followed by a gentle canter up to the gallops, and next the challenge of capturing these beautiful creatures at speed and then the wash down back at the stables – I loved every minute! Huge thanks to the wonderful Balding family…when can I come again?!

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