Want to Learn?

Something I have learned through my photography is that you never stop learning. There are always opportunities to find out more, whatever age you are. I love to be able to share what I know and the thought of inspiring other people is exciting to me. I have worked with students who are looking to take up photography as a career, teenagers who are looking for a new hobby, parents who want to get the most out of photographing their children and even grooms who have been inspired by my photography of their wedding day! Whatever your reason or starting point, photography is an exciting (and useful!) skill to develop and I would be happy to work with you and share some of what I have learned along the way.

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Post production is another area of digital photography that can be just as exciting as capturing images on camera. It is amazing to see what a difference a few subtle tweaks can make in a program like Adobe Lightroom, turning your everyday images into works of art! An introduction to Lightroom is something that can be incorporated into a training session. You will learn a little bit of magic and go away ready to lose yourself in a world of post production editing.


1 to 1 sessions are charged at £50 per hour
Half day (3 hours) – £100

Why not share the cost and bring a friend? (maximum 2 people per session)

Special discounted price for young people (up to the age of 16) – £40 per hour
Half day (3 hours) – £75

Get your wellies at the ready and book your session now!